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So as a scuba diver you are passionate about the ocean and I would imagine would like to get involved as much as possible, either taking part in surveys and research or teaching about conservation.

Here in Costa Rica , as much as possible I want to help the oceans and our planet and have developed some marine conservation internships that work alongside the scuba diving programs and can be focused on either research, surveying, teaching or something specific that you may be interested in.

You have a couple of options,1 is the ECO Divemaster program and the other is the ECO AWARE instructor program. You will complete your standard PADI Divemaster or instructor training but in addition to that you will take part in a number of conservation activities in the local area.

There are a number of activities that form part of these ECO programs that you will be involved with. These include;

[themedy_columns structure=”50|50″][themedy_col position=”a”]Marine conservation and research certification


Coral Watch Surveys

Research and study dives looking at impacts on the reef and dive sites

Dive for Debris[/themedy_col][themedy_col position=”b”]Beach Clean ups

Local outreach projects

Community educational talks and workshops

Whale activity recording

Sustainability assessments[/themedy_col][/themedy_columns]

The only place in the world to offer the unique PADI Marine conservation and research course here, you can complete this as part of your professional scuba diving internship or by itself.

Programs are available that are either 1 week 2 weeks or 4 weeks and run throughout the year and focus on this unique opportunity to focus your diving on protection and education of the oceans. For super enthusiastic individuals only! If you would like to come diving for a period of time and focus on marine conservation in Cost Rica then this is your chance.

Example of itineraries include Marine Conservation and Research, surveying of local reefs, mangrove tours, Shark aware programs and dives, nudibranch surveyss, REEF fish ID surveys and more.


Contact me today to ask about available programs.