PADI IDC at the pool in costa rica

PADI IDC – Almost half way through

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Day 5 of the PADI IDC here in Costa Rica, almost half way through. This is the point where I can see everyone starting to relax just a tiny bit as they are going through the paces and are getting familiar with the structure of the program. Tomorrow we head off to the ocean where everyone will be completing their first open water presentations. The importance of this is control. It is a different beast in the open water compared to the confined water. Certainly here in the Pacific, and everything that you may have planned in your head, to play out, may not go as smoothly as you originally hoped. Be ready for any scenario, have eyes in the back of your head, and don't relax until you and your divers are back on the boat. That's all i can suggest really. Don't forget as well to have fun! Lots of it, because if you are not having fun you are not learning. 

So far we have completed classroom presentations, knowledge development presentations and a couple of confined sessions. There have already been a couple of 1.0s which trust me, I do not like handing out, but as I always say, it is one of the best learning experiences. We even had our first 5.0 on the first day in the pool which hardly ever happens so nice job there. The most stressful part. the theory exams have been done and dusted with just a couple of resits so that is awesome. 

So what have I learnt so far? I know that the students have learnt plenty but so have I. There is always something new I learn with every program that I teach and this is no exception. There is  such a variety of personalities on the PADI IDC programs and I think for sure I gain experience and learn a lot about adapting my teaching to suit different people. Whether it's someone who doesn't have a lot of confidence in their abilities or someone who over analyzes.  You can never teach the same way and that is something  that you have to be very open to, as it will grow you as a person and certainly as an educator. 

Now I wonder what new lessons I will learn in the ocean tomorrow? With 5 candidates eager to jump in the water, I am sure the main thing they are focused on will be to get wet and blow some bubbles, the rest comes after.  Let's see how that pans out now shall we!

confined training in the padi idc
padi idc pool session
classroom at the padi idc