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Putting new programs into practice – Whale conservation

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One of the awesome things about what I do is the chance to meet amazingly different and varied group of people that come and train and dive with me. This allows me to get such an eclectic range of ideas all of the time so sparking inspiration and thoughts. I love it. This past season as always was a complete mix of people with two inspired individuals in particular who pushed me to pursue a couple of new avenues.

One of these, a young lady who had not just a passion for the ocean and all that it encompasses, but specifically for whales and their conservation. She has been lucky enough to grow up in an environment where she has had first hand experience with many different species of whale, due to the fact that her parents are whale biologists (i know right!!!!).

Due to this wealth of knowledge and passion she brought to the center, I embarked on a project with her to write a humpback whale program.

humpback whale in costa rica

We are lucky enough to have humpback whales visiting around 8 months of the year and we wanted to do more than your average “whale watching” As with everything we do, we wanted to make a difference and make it more than a tour.

So, what we wrote was a program entitled humpback whale conservation. It encompasses, behavior, physiology, conservation and study methods and how you can survey them. Once you have had the chance to learn about them you can then head out on the boat and actually take part in a survey. And it’s not a survey for the sake of a survey, we have teamed up with a group in the south who have been recording data on humpback movements for many years. With our additional data for the area of Manuel Antonio it will give a great new insight into the humpback whales movements in Costa Rica, and with the photo id we can hopefully check who is visiting us. How cool is that?

The question is now, what new inspiration will I get this year….I just love developing new ideas!