Diving above and below

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Whenever I go back to England, all I seem to hear about is the weather…how cold, how miserable…..blah, blah, blah. But on my recent visit in May, there was some fantastic weather. It was sunny, warm (ok…., not always!) and generally, it was all round nice. On my arrival in the tropical paradise of Costa Rica, I flew into what has been described as “the worst storm in 20 years”. Interesting… On my drive home, we were faced with torrential rain, winds and even had to stop for about 30 minutes whilst other car drivers hacked away at a fallen tree with machetes they just happen to have in the back of their car! (sounds worrying I know but it is pretty standard here : ) ) On finally arriving in Manual Antonio, I got to my house to discover that the electric was out and then continued to be out for the next three days. “No electric?!”… “3 days?!” Here not so bad. Just meant I had to go old fashioned, light by candles and watch movies on the laptop. Or more commonly head to Quepos where they had electric, and enjoy the restaurants. All went well, but i definitely learnt the perils of reading by candle when I managed to set my magazine on fire (only the training bulletin part..honest!). We returned to normalcy after 3 days and then just had to wait for the water to clear. After a spectacular dive yesterday, I can definitely go with a yes!