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PADI IDC course costa rica

Manic week thoughts after a PADI IDC

Last day of the PADI IDC today, a good wind down with the EFR instructor program. It has certainly been a challenge running a Tec 45 program and a PADI instructor program. The dive center has been super crazy busy with lots of courses coming in keeping the instructors on their toes. Whether it is [...]

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Happy Holidays from Bubbly Costa Rica

Merry christmas everyone! Or is it happy holidays? For me it is the time of christmas movie watching and eating lots of turkey (which I have to watch due to the wetsuit issue ; ) ) I have my list of christmas movies which are a mix of classics and some more obscure ones including [...]

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scuba instructor life

New season, new thoughts and some stretchy neoprene

The dive season here in Costa Rica has begun and it’s great to be back. After a hiatus to sunny old England (I am not being sarcastic this time it really was lovely!) I am back in Costa Rica ready to teach again, with some eager new interns ready to get underway with their training [...]

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Can I get a job in the Scuba Diving Industry? – Things to think about

I get applications for scuba diving instructor positions on a weekly basis, and as someone who isn’t even advertising a position, it can baffle me a little sometimes. As much as possible I want to help new people get a foot hold into the┬ádive industry but very much one of the only things I feel [...]

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Go Pro Costa Rica

Back into the waters of Manuel Antonio – Life of a scuba instructor

It’s been a while, but after about 10 months of not going deeper than 5 ft I was back in the water and teaching some open waters. For those of you that don’t know me I was out on maternity leave. Had a little girl and am very happy….but I digress. With the evolvement of [...]

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scuba diving internship at Cocos Island

Happy Snapping…Or maybe not?!

In a diving paradise, so far away from civilization, 500km offshore is certainly a site to behold. Incredible coral structures, amazing marine life and walls full of sponges and other inverts. But wait, what is this I see, crashing their way through the peaceful underwater environment? Alas, it is the unprofessional diver with the professional [...]

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Go Pro Training in Costa Rica

A PADI Divemaster, To Be or Not to be……that is the question

So after a recent discussion with some PADI Divemaster candidates I was inspired to write an article about “why it is good” to become a Divemaster and why, in my humble opinion, it is a bad idea to complete your divemaster training. Not that it is a bad thing per se, more that there are [...]

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Why take an IDC Internship? – Benefits of real world experience

I’ll be honest with you, dreaming of lying under palm tree laden beaches, diving in crystal clear waters, watching the sun go down after an incredible day is in many ways, how the life of a scuba diving instructor is portrayed. And yes, don’t get me wrong it is for many of us, it is [...]

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Sailfish Tagging – Scuba Diving in the Blue

This past week has been a hectic one but fun. The Billfish research team are back in Quepos/Manuel Antonio with Frenzy Sportfishing, with some tags to put out as part of a study on Sailfish movement around the area. The idea is to answer the inevitable question, where do they go when they are not [...]

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I can tackle the world when I can Scuba dive …..

Scuba diving means many different things to many different people. As someone who has been scuba diving for years, I still use it as an escape, a free moment and so much more. Having recently lost my loyal companion of over 8 years I was, to put it mildly, pretty distressed. Things happen in life [...]

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