PADI IDC course costa rica

Manic week thoughts after a PADI IDC

Last day of the PADI IDC today, a good wind down with the EFR instructor program. It has certainly been a challenge running a Tec 45 program and a PADI instructor program. The dive center has been super crazy busy with lots of courses coming in keeping the instructors on their toes. Whether it is [...]

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Transformation as a PADI scuba Instructor, Good luck with the IE

Yes, I am stressed right now but I am dealing with it the only way I know how at an PADI IE, with a glass of wine and escaping to a quiet corner. It is crunch time with the theory and standards exams right now and the part when I feel the most useless. Why [...]

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Congratulations to our PADI Instructor candidates – onwards into July!

The June PADI IDC finished with a large celebration at Gran Escape once again. It was a Georgia/Georgia party in Manuel Antonio. With examiner Georgia Hausserman coming down and visiting our humble little dive center the heat was on as the three instructor candidates set about completing the examination. After 10 days of preparation, exams, [...]

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The PADI IE is finishing…Instructor and Superbowl party here we come!!!

They are finally off to the confined water, the final part of the #PADI IE here in Costa Rica. Everyone is starting to “bounce around” but inevitably you will here my voice ringing out like Mary Poppins in the background…..”stay focused. It is so easy, during the course, as each section passes on, to relax [...]

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To be or not to be the clucking hen ? – thoughts at the PADI Instructor Exam

I really don’t think anyone understands how stressful it can be for a course director during the PADI IDC and more so through the final PADI instructor exam. No, seriously. We get so emotionally and mentally involved with you guys, the students because we want you to do the best you can. Numbers are not [...]

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Ducks, Pelicans and a Mustard Explosion… at a PADI IE

Final day of the IE today, the PADI instructor exam and I am sitting outside the Cabinas in Coco whilst my students finish up their preparation for the final part of the exam, the knowledge review presentation. This is definitely one of the least stressful parts of the exam so already everyone is starting to [...]

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