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New years resolutions for your scuba thoughts

As the new year kicks in I cannot believe that it is already 2017. What an amazing year 2016 was, on the scuba diving side and on the personal side. The personal side even more so with my new family addition, obviously putting my scuba diving on hold for a little bit but I am [...]

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Scuba Diving Internships – Yes or no?

Internships…yes or no? Now I am an advocate for internships in the scuba diving industry, BUT, and this is a BIG but, if they are done the right way. There are always some very vocal advocates on diving forums and boards about the bad sides of it and yes, there are internships out there where [...]

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Can I get a job in the Scuba Diving Industry? – Things to think about

I get applications for scuba diving instructor positions on a weekly basis, and as someone who isn’t even advertising a position, it can baffle me a little sometimes. As much as possible I want to help new people get a foot hold into the dive industry but very much one of the only things I feel [...]

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Go Pro Training at Cocos Island – Chance of a lifetime

And so it was. For the upcoming season of 2016 we have the opportunity to send some of our interns, on completion of their internship, either Divemaster or instructor, to Isla del Cocos. There are 3 positions available throughout the year, March time, July time and then again in October. During these programs, you will [...]

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Exciting New Divemaster programs at Go Pro Costa Rica

And I can finally announce that we have put together some new Divemaster programs for Go Pro Costa Rica, sorry for the delay, I know it has been in the works for a while.The PADI Divemaster program is a great structured program that encompasses dive theory, skills, assisting and a whole wealth of dive training, [...]

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Equipment Workshop – No silly questions here…

Equipment class, both as an instructor program and as a repair workshop during the divemaster internship is essential resort training if you are looking to work in the scuba industry. One of my first ever IDC candidates secured his first job purely based on the fact that he could fix a large number of scuba [...]

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Inspiration and Bubble blowing during the PADI IDC and Divemaster training

The funny thing is that when you actually try and think hard about what to write it never comes easy, and then just as you have switched off the tv, after a completely inane episode of Riduculousness, and yes it makes me laugh, thinking, wow, I really have to head to bed now before class [...]

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August IDC is underway……gunslinging awesomeness!

We are about half way through our August IDC. I have stepped out of the classroom and passed on the reins to my ever hardworking staff instructor JT. Gives me a chance to breathe. We headed out into the ocean today for our first open water presentations. As always, everybody was nervous, it’s a different [...]

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Equipment Class – Explosive Fun

So the topic today was equipment. Actually, for the scuba diving industry and very important skill. So with the list of regulators needing attention we set up in our nice new Shop area, with a table in the middle, work bench area for EVERYBODY to work on their regulators. So with our Sherwood regulators lined [...]

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Deep Diving on a PADI IDC – A step toward technical diving

Phew ! After an intense few days, the next group of instructor candidates are ready for the ever approaching PADI instructor exam, which will be held here in Quepos on the 29th and 30th January. With all the students at +Go Pro Costa Rica at the moment it has been fun and games with divemaster candidates mixing [...]

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