tank VIP certification

How to VIP (visually inspect) a scuba tank

One of the really important skills that will make you stand out in the dive industry. Actually being qualified to service tanks. You can notch it up there with equipment maintenance as well.

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Go Pro Costa Rica

Back into the waters of Manuel Antonio – Life of a scuba instructor

It’s been a while, but after about 10 months of not going deeper than 5 ft I was back in the water and teaching some open waters. For those of you that don’t know me I was out on maternity leave. Had a little girl and am very happy….but I digress. With the evolvement of [...]

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successful PADI IDC candidates

Updating the news, New scuba instructors and Marine Conservation and Research Program

Two successful PADI Instructor training programs this year already, our IDC in February and then in April has led to our continued success as a IDC center and more importantly to some happy new instructors heading out into the scuba world. So far this year our instructors have headed off to the Phillipines, the BVIs, [...]

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marine conservation and research certification

Fish Identification and REEF surveys during the ECO divemaster program at Oceans Unlimited

 Some of our Divemasters and Instructors out on REEF surveys and fish ID dives as part of their ECO divemaster programs

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padi scuba instructors

Congratulations to our new Instructors

Congratulations to our new scuba Instructors! After a intense but fun PADI IDC program here at Go Pro Costa Rica we have four new PADI Instructors ready to teach! Congratulations guys, it was a pleasure to teach and looking forward to working with you all in the future.

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eagleray in costa rica

New year, New Resolutions and some fun Marine Research.

So here we go, new year new start, I have a feeling that 2016 will be a great year. A good start to the new year is that we have moved to our new location in the marina. What does this mean for Go Pro ? A full air conditioned classroom AND an extended equipment [...]

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cocos island diving

Go Pro Training at Cocos Island – Chance of a lifetime

And so it was. For the upcoming season of 2016 we have the opportunity to send some of our interns, on completion of their internship, either Divemaster or instructor, to Isla del Cocos. There are 3 positions available throughout the year, March time, July time and then again in October. During these programs, you will [...]

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Amazing Savings for 2016

Come join us for the 2016 season starting on November 1st and take advantage of some great savings that we have at Go Pro Costa Rica.   Offer 1 2 Free specialties and Self Reliant Diver Training with your PADI Divemaster program. Complete your PADI Divemaster Internship and you will get 2 Free PADI specialties [...]

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Whales shark at Cocos Island

Whale Shark Encounter at Cocos Island – Last day send off!

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scuba diving internship at Cocos Island

Happy Snapping…Or maybe not?!

In a diving paradise, so far away from civilization, 500km offshore is certainly a site to behold. Incredible coral structures, amazing marine life and walls full of sponges and other inverts. But wait, what is this I see, crashing their way through the peaceful underwater environment? Alas, it is the unprofessional diver with the professional [...]

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