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Be thankful and other thoughts for the upcoming season

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October is one of the quietest months in Costa Rica for tourism due to the rains and it certainly was affected this year. Normally it’s the odd shower in the afternoon but still sun shining in the mornings. With Tropical Storm Nate sweeping through this past week though that was something else. In general where we are based was not affected particularly but some of the villages and towns in surrounding areas where not so lucky, with roads and bridges collapsing and some families losing everything. This is nothing new unfortunately and it seems that with the recent hurricanes in the Caribbean and the US the devastation is getting worse. Maybe in it’s own way its mother earth fighting back but you definitely can’t tell me that Climate change isn’t real! My thoughts are with anyone who has been affected by the recent extreme weather and as we all get back on our feet, remember that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

October for me is a preparation month. As everyone finished up their certifications and scuba diving at the end of September I use this month to get ready for the new season starting November 1st. I love my life and my family and I love my job. One of the reasons I think I love doing what I do so is that I try as much as possible to keep it fresh. With teaching you can so easily get burned out and especially as it is such a physical as well as a mental job.


It’s always fun to teach new things and we’ve been busy this year with developing new programs. I can very proudly say that we now have the most comprehensive selection of unique continuing education programs, certainly in the Americas.
I have put together programs to suit all interests, whether it is technical skills with the resort operations program or conservation and eco minded people with the whale conservation program. If you want to add some interesting but useful new skills then they are definitely worth looking at. I am really looking forward to teaching them to excited new go pro students.

More for me this upcoming season, we will be starting freediving programs at the center. I absolutely love freediving with the discipline and fitness that is involved. I am currently trying to carve time out of my schedule to head to the gym a little bit whilst I am in England. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t need to e mega fit to do a freediving course, it’s just that I will be able to push myself more if I have a better fitness at the time. No worries though, plenty of time to get ready as the course doesn’t start until December 4th.

So what dive skills do you think you are gong to focus on for the upcoming season? Maybe you want to work on your buoyancy skills, maybe work on your trim? Maybe build on your equipment skills, computer, who knows?!

But remember to be thankful though for what you have already, make sure you go out and live your life to the fullest. Be the best you can in all aspects of your life and make a difference with what you do.