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Are you ready to Go Pro? Looking for some inspired individuals

As our scuba diving season moves into its last couple of months I am already looking towards our next season. Diving season never really stops here in Costa Rica nut during the month of October we work on winding down for a month and prepping gear, equipment, boats etc ready for the new season starting [...]

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August fresh water fun

The beautiful month of August and my apologies for being rather lax in the updates. I thought I would explore a little further afield this month before heading into the August IDC in Costa Rica so I am in the beautiful mid west of the United States. This past weekend we went fun diving in [...]

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Are you prepared to go deep? #technicaldiving #tecdivingcostarica #technicaldivingcostarica #dsattecdeep #goprocostarica #diveinstructorlife #exploremore #underwateradventure #livethelife

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What is life teaching you as a scuba instructor?

What is scuba diving teaching you?

It’s PADI instructor exam time again! The PADI instructor course went fantastic, some fun training and learning experiences, fun strange fact I learnt on this one, green apples have more caffeine than a cup of coffee. Not scuba related I know but still interesting right?! I love learning something new with every program I teach [...]

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Learning to swim…to teach it that is

Having got away from Quepos for a couple of days it is nice to get out and explore the country. It is so easy to become caught up in your circle of living and to stick your head outside is a breath of fresh air. In this case I headed north to learn. yep, calm [...]

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PADI IDC students in February

Juggling it all, Instructors, babies and being me

So today, is international womens day, the celebration of pretty much all things female. This gave me a  pause for thought. Having just come off of a maniacal month of working with no break, finishing up some PADI divemaster programs, followed by a fantastically fun PADI IDC program interlaced with a bit of technical dive [...]

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PADI IDC course costa rica

Manic week thoughts after a PADI IDC

Last day of the PADI IDC today, a good wind down with the EFR instructor program. It has certainly been a challenge running a Tec 45 program and a PADI instructor program. The dive center has been super crazy busy with lots of courses coming in keeping the instructors on their toes. Whether it is [...]

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tec 40 course costa rica

PADI IDC classes and technical training, February here we come

It’s already February, can’t believe it, it has gone by so quickly, wonderful diving and some great classes. I started teaching a PADI IDC on Sunday with the orientation. The PADI instructor program can be super stressful for everyone and my goal as ever is to try to keep it as chill as possible. Classes, [...]

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fish id survey costa rica

New years resolutions for your scuba thoughts

As the new year kicks in I cannot believe that it is already 2017. What an amazing year 2016 was, on the scuba diving side and on the personal side. The personal side even more so with my new family addition, obviously putting my scuba diving on hold for a little bit but I am [...]

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Happy Holidays from Bubbly Costa Rica

Merry christmas everyone! Or is it happy holidays? For me it is the time of christmas movie watching and eating lots of turkey (which I have to watch due to the wetsuit issue ; ) ) I have my list of christmas movies which are a mix of classics and some more obscure ones including [...]

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